Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bnouncements—Parshas Tazria—M'tzorah—Rosh Chodesh April 25, 2009


Candle Lighting: 7:26 pm
Plag HaMinchah Minyan: 6:00 pm
Minchah Erev Shabbos: 7:33 pm

Hashkamah Minyan: 7:15 am
Daf Yomi: 7:25 am
Shacharis: 8:30 am
Sof Z'man K'rias Sh'ma: 9:28 am
Rabbi's Shiur in P'sachim: 5:00 pm
Minchah Shabbos Afternoon: 6:00 pm
Pirkei Avos: 8:05 pm
Maariv: 8:36 pm

Weekday Shacharis
Sunday: 6:45 (Siyum) & 8:00 am
Monday & Thursday: 6:20 & 7:35 am
Tues., Wed., & Friday: 6:30 & 7:35 am

Sunday-Thursday: 9:30 pm

*Wives of husbands attending the Plag Minyan should light 23 minutes after Minchah and not before.
**Earliest Time for Talis and T'filin for the week of April 25 is 5:11 am

A Siddur with the hebrew name Bayla Kivlowitz was found. To claim, please contact Leon Stern at 718-575-0801.

Shabbos Events
Shabbos Afternoon:
8:05 pm: Pirkei Avos shiur, given this week by Rabbi Welcher.

Shabbos M’vorchim Kiddush Sponsors:
The next Shabbos M’vorchim Kiddush will take place on Parshas B'midmar (May23). Sponsorship is $100. If you are interested in sponsoring, be it for a Simchah or a Yahrzeit, see or call Yoni Platovsky (718-459-2290) or Jay Daitchman (718-263-1688).

HaMakom Y'nacheim
Condolences to Jay Jaffe on the passing of his father, Wilber Jaffe.

Mazal Tov!
Mazal Tov to Eddie and Sarah Sherman on the wedding of their daughter Tzippy to Matis Hollander of San Diego!

Schedule of Shiurim
Sunday, April26:

6:45 am: Special Shacharis followed by Siyum of Meseches Bava Kama. Join us for bagels and lox in celebration! Daf Yomi-Bava Kama at 7:30 am; Hadran/Siyum at 8:30 am, followed by bentching at 8:50 am.
8:50 am: R’ Eliezer Maybruch's shiur on Halachah and Hashkafah l’zeicher nishmas Joan Maybruch.
9:30 am: R’ Yechezkel Rosenberg’s Chavrusah Program in B’rachos.
Tuesday, April 28:
8:30-9:30 pm: Rav’s weekly shiur, this week entitled “Halachos of Yom Tov.”
Thursday, April 30:
8:30-9:25 pm: R' Yisroel Benedek's shiur series (Davening: Fine-Tuning Your T'filah in Word and in Deed).

Community Beis Medrash Program
Sunday-Thursday, 8:00pm-10:30pm
Every Monday, 9:45pm-10:15pm: Chaburah on the Maharal led by Aaron Meltzer
Every Tuesday, 8:30pm-9:30pm: Rav’s weekly shiur this week entitled “Halachos of Yom Tov ”
Every Wednesday, 9:45pm-10:15pm: Chaburah on Chumash with Ramban led by R’ Mark Kutner
Every Other Thursday, 9:45pm-10:15pm: Chaburah on Torah and Medicine (contact Rich Gewanter at for the schedule)
Sunday-Thursday, 9:45pm-10:15pm: Chaburah on Mishnah B’rurah led by R' Moshe Bilitzky

Women’s League
Every Tuesday:
8:00-9:00 pm: Dr. Michelle Levine's weekly shiur for women on Personalities in Sefer Shoftim will be held in Ahavas Yisroel. The class is for women at any level of learning. There will be a nominal weekly charge. For more information, please contact Rochelle Graubard at 917-816-6307.
9:30 pm: Women’s League’s weekly Tehillim Group.
Tuesday, April 28:
6:00 pm: There will be a private interactive shiur and dinner with Rebbetzin Heller. This is limited to approximately twenty women. The cost is $45 per person, which includes the food. If you are interested in attending, please e-mail Linda Frankel at
8:30 pm: Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller will, be”H, give a shiur entitled “Chesed in Turbulent Times” in our Shul. This is a Shiur for Women Only. The Shul is looking for sponsors for $100 per sponsorship, e-mail

Hakaras HaTov!
Isser and Faigi Rosenberg would like to thank the Rav and Rebbetzin and all the members of the shul who prepared and delivered delicious food and good wishes, as well as countless other favors over Pesach after Faigi broke her heel bone. We are truly fortunate to be part of such a wonderful shul and community.

Annual Journal Dinner
The dinner is scheduled for Monday, May 4, at the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills. Congregation Ahavas Yisroel is proud to announce that Barry & Sarah Simanowitz have graciously agreed to serve as this year’s Guests of Honor at our annual journal dinner. All ads must be emailed right away to . The Journal deadline has been extended until Tuesday, April 28. ALL ADS MUST BE E-MAILED directly to Shari at We hope you will join our Kehilla in publicly recognizing the myriad of contributions that Barry & Sarah have made to the Beis HaK’neses by placing an ad in the commemorative journal and attending the dinner. Please reserve Monday, May 4, and give Barry and Sarah a tremendous Yasher Koach for their critical assistance in making this year’s dinner a success.

Community Events
Next Shabbos, April 25 (Parshas Tazria-M'tzorah):
Young Israel of Queens Valley will, be”H, present its annual Holocaust Remembrance S'udah Sh'lishis. Dr. Robert Moses Shapiro, Professor of Judaic Studies at Brooklyn College, will give a shiur entitled “Secrets of the Diaries of the Lodz Ghetto. Additionally, Rabi Samuel J. Levine, Dean of Hillel Day School of Boca Raton, will give a shiur entitled “The Second Generation Experience: Reflections , Reactions, Responses” and Mottil Lax will conclude with a shiur entitled “Mesora.” Minchah will begin at 5:00 pm, followed by the program.
Sunday, April 26:
8:15 pm: The Margaret Tietz Nursing & Rehab Center will, be”H, present informative and inspirational lectures by Rabbi Peysach Krohn and Rabbi Dovid Weinberger on the topic of “Guarding Your Family's Health at Every Stage of Their Life” as part of a Community Education Series. The lectures will take place at Young Israel of Queens Valley. Maariv will follow at 9:30 pm.
Monday, April 27:
8:00 pm: ECHO WOMEN invites women to attend their annual Tea event. It will be held at the home of Lisa Reichmann, located at 82-36 Beverly Road, Kew Gardens. Mrs. Chanie Juravel, principal of Ateres Bais yaakov of Monsey will, be”H, speak on the topic “Building and Maintaining Trust.” This tea is sponsored in memory of Gitel bas Mordechai HaCohen Gillman.
Wednesday, April 29:
7:45 pm: Young Israel of Queens Valley will, be”H host a shiur, entitled “Hey, Mom, Can’t You See I’m Changing? – Understanding and Embracing Your Teen (and Preteen) Girl.” This shiur is sponsored by National Council of Young Israel, Young Israel of Queens Valley, and Ezrat Chayim-Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services. Additionally, is co-sponsored by the Queens Jewish Community Council and the Women's League of Young Israel of Queens Valley. There will be a panel discussion by Rebbetzin Abby Lerner, Tina Machnikoff, LCSW, Dr. Rachelle Meth, M.D., and Dr.Gila Schwerd, Psy.D. Free admission. For more information, please call 212-929-1525 x112 or e-mail