Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bnouncements-Parshiyos Matos-Mas'ei-July 18, 2009


Candle Lighting: 8:05 pm
Plag HaMinchah Minyan: 6:33 pm*
Minchah Erev Shabbos: 7:30 pm **

Hashkamah Minyan; 7:15 am
Daf Yomi: 7:25 am
Shacharis: 8:30 am
Sof Z'man K'rias Sh'ma: 9:20 am
Rabbi's Shiur in P'sachim: 5:00 pm
Minchah Shabbos Afternoon: 6:00 pm
Pirkei Avos: 8:45 pm
Maariv: 9:14 pm

Weekday Shacharis
Sunday: 8:00 am
Monday & Thursday: 6:20 & 7:35 am
Wednesday (Rosh Chodesh): 6:10 & 7:35 am
Tuesday & Friday: 6:30 & 7:35 am

Sunday-Thursday: 9:30 pm

*Wives of husbands attending the First Plag Minyan should light 23 minutes after Minchah and not before.
**Wives of husbands attending the Second Plag Minyan should light 20 minutes after Minchah .

*Earliest Time for Talis and T'filin for the week of July 4 is 4:51 am.*

The Rav and the Rebbetzin are in Eretz Yisroel until Wednesday, July 22. If you have an emergency and need to reach the Rav in Eretz Yisroel during this time period, the telephone number is 011-972-2-582-4924. Alternatively, you can contact David Levin at home (718-793-5963) or cell number (917-406-9884). Additionally, you can contact Chaim Eli at 718-268-8199 or 718-872-8260.
From July 23 until August 23, the Rav and Rebbetzin will be on vacation. They may be reached at 845-292-5806.

Shabbos Events
Shabbos Afternoon:
8:45 pm:
Pirkei Avos shiur, given this week by R' Elliot Hecht.

Shabbos M’vorchim Kiddush Sponsors:
Jay and Karen Daitchman on the occasion of the Yahrzeit of her mother, Barrie Segelstein (Bracha Elisheva bas Menachem).
The next Shabbos M’vorchim Kiddush will take place on Parshas R'ei (August 15). Sponsorship is $100. If you are interested in sponsoring, be it for a Simchah or a Yahrzeit, see or call Yoni Platovsky (718-459-2290) or Jay Daitchman (718-263-1688).

Mazal Tov
Mazal Tov to Chaim and Ellen Cohen on the birth of a grandson, born to their children, Elie and Gila Cohen! The Shalom Zachar will take place at 9:00 pm at the home of Asher and Ashira Schepansky, located at 138-40 76 Avenue.
Mazal Tov to R' Yechezkel and Deborah Rosenberg upon the birth of a grandson, born to their children, Yedidyah and Yael Rosenberg!

Schedule of Shiurim
Sunday, July 19:
8:50 am:
R’ Eliezer Maybruch's shiur on Halachah and Hashkafah l’zeicher nishmas Joan Maybruch.
9:30 am: R’ Yechezkel Rosenberg’s Chavrusah Program in B’rachos will not be given this week.
Thursday, July 23:
8:30-9:25 pm: R' Yisroel Benedek's shiur series (Davening: Fine-Tuning Your T'filah in Word and in Deed).

Community Beis Medrash Program
Sunday-Thursday, 8:00pm-10:30pm

Every Monday, 9:45pm-10:15pm: Chaburah on the Maharal led by Aaron Meltzer
Every Tuesday, 8:30pm-9:30pm: Rav’s weekly shiur will resume after the summer.
Every Wednesday, 9:45pm-10:15pm: Chaburah on Chumash with Ramban led by R’ Mark Kutner will not be held for the next four weeks. It will resume, be”H, August 19.
Every Other Thursday, 9:45pm-10:15pm: Chaburah on Torah and Medicine (contact Rich Gewanter at for the schedule)
Sunday-Thursday, 9:45pm-10:15pm: Chaburah on Mishnah B’rurah led by R' Moshe Bilitzky

The Rav strongly encourages everyone to participate for 30 minutes one day a week before or after Maariv.

Women’s League
Every Tuesday:
9:30 pm:
Women’s League’s weekly Tehillim Group.
Wednesday, July 22:
8:30 pm: Rabbi Zvi Lew's Summer Lecture Series for women will be held in the Shul. There will be seven weekly sessions on Wednesday evenings at 8:30 pm from July 1st –Aug. 19th (excluding Erev Tish'ah B’Av–July 29th) Each free-of-charge session will cover a self-contained sub-topic within Hilchos Shabbos. As in the past, this series is sponsored by Ateret Seminary for Women. For more information, please call 718-896-8251.

Singles Shabbaton
Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills will host a Singles Shabbaton on Shabbos Parshiyos Matos-Mas'ei, July 17-18. The event will be run by Susie Garber and Anna Aronovich. The age rage is 25-35 (please adhere to this range). If you are interested or know someone interested in attending this event, please contact Susie Garber at 718-268-2448 or via e-mail at The cost for the shabbaton program is $50.00.