Friday, June 10, 2011

AYnouncements June 11, 2011 — Parshas B’ Haalos’cha

Congregation Ahavas Yisroel of Kew Gardens Hills

Focused on Torah, T’filah, G’milus Chasadim, and Eretz Yisroel
Rabbi Herschel Welcher, Mara D’Asra


June 11, 2011 Parshas B’ Haalos’cha


Candle Lighting

8:07 pm

Plag HaMinchah Minyan*

6:33 pm

Minchah Erev Shabbos**

7:30 pm

Hashkamah Minyan

7:15 am

Rabbi's Shiur in P'sachim

5:00 pm

Daf Yomi

7:25 am


6:00 pm


8:30 am

Pirkei Avos Shiur: R’ Zev Maybruch

8:45 pm

Sof Z'man K'rias Sh'ma

9:09 am

Maariv / Motza’ei Shabbos

9:17 pm

Weekday Shacharis

Weekday Maariv


8:00 am


9:30 pm

Monday & Thursday

6:20 & 7:30 am

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday

6:30 & 7:30 am

*Wives of men attending this Plag Minyan should light 23 minutes after Minchah and not before.

**Wives of men attending the 2nd Plag Minyan should light 20 minutes after Minchah.

Earliest Time for Talis and T'filin for the week of June 12 is 4:34 am.

HaMakom Y’nacheim

Condolences to R’ David Levin & family on the passing of Cynthia Levin. David will start sitting in his home on Tuesday morning and conclude Shiv'ah on Friday afternoon. Shacharis follows the Shul’s schedule; Minchah, Mishnayos, and Maariv begin at 8pm.

Hakaras HaTov

The Shul would like to thank the following sponsors for their annual contributions to enhancing our Shavuos experience:

For the flowers Steven & Shari Weiss, in memory of Freida bas Sadok HaLevi

For the food for the overnight learning Gitle Bekelnitzky, לעילוי נשמת her father, זאב ב"ר אפרים ז"ל, and her father-in-law, שרגא פייוויש ב"ר נתן יעקב ז"ל

Hakaras HaTov as well is extended to Mark Frankel for setting up the learning and Leon Stern for purchasing all the food.

In addition, we also would like to thank the Magidei Shiur: Rabbi Herschel Welcher, R’ Ruby Ginsberg,

R’ Chaim Pearl, and R’ Yechezkel Rosenberg.

R’fuah Sh’leimah to Jay Jaffe…a complete and speedy recovery!

Shabbos: Pirkei Avos Shiur – 8:45 pm: given this week by R’ Zev Maybruch

Annual Election of Officers & Board of Directors / Membership Meeting: Motza’ei Shabbos, June 25

Election Slate

jay jaffe, president

board of directors

Alan Hochster, vice president

yussie englander, treasurer

Abba Cohen, secretary

ronnie schlanger, gabbai rishon

yonah levant, gabbai sheini

Yisroel Benedek

harvey blitz

mark frankel

Yoni Platovsky

Simcha Shapiro

Barry Simanowitz, immediate past president

Leon Stern

shari weiss

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Schedule of Shiurim

Sunday, June 12:

8:45 am: R’ Eliezer Maybruch’s shiur on Halachah and Hashkafah

9:30 am: R’ Yechezkel Rosenberg’s Chavrusah Program in B’rachos

Tuesday, June 14:

8:30 pm: Rabbi Welcher’s Weekly Halachah Shiur: “Topics in Halachah”

Wednesday, June 15:

8:30-9:30 pm: R’ Zev Aeder’s Sh’eilos U’T’shuvos Series: topic to be announced

Thursday, June 16:

8:30-9:25 pm: R' Yisroel Benedek's shiur series: “The Rambam on the M’sorah”

Community Beis Medrash Program

Sunday-Thursday, 8:00 pm-10:30 pm

Monday & Thursday, 9:00 pm-9:30 pm

Shiur on Halachah, given by R’ Chananya Berman*

Every Monday, 9:45 pm-10:15 pm

Chaburah: Maharal on Shavuos, led by Aaron Meltzer

Every Tuesday, 8:30 pm-9:30 pm

Rav’s weekly shiur: topic to be announced

Every Wednesday, 9:00 pm-9:30 pm

Shiur on Mussar & Hashkafah, given by R’ Aryeh Goldman*

Every Wednesday, 9:45 pm-10:15 pm

Chaburah on Chumash with Ramban led by R’ Mark Kutner

Sunday-Thursday, 9:45 pm-10:15 pm

Chaburah on Mishnah B’rurah led by R' Moshe Bilitzky

*Sponsored by Tifereth Bnei Torah

The Rav strongly encourages everyone to participate for 30 minutes one day a week before or after Maariv.

Women’s League

Every Tuesday, 9:30 pm: Women’s League Weekly Tehillim Group

This Wednesday, June 15, 8:30 pm: Rabbi Zvi Lew’s monthly women’s lecture series, which is on Issues in Hilchos Kashrus, is held in the upstairs lobby of the Shul. The series is sponsored by Ateret Seminary for Women at Queens College. For more information, please call 718-896-8251

Shabbos M’vorchim Kiddush + Graduation Kiddush

The next Shabbos M’vorchim Kiddush will coincide with our annual Graduation Kiddush and is scheduled to take place on Shabbas Parshas Korach (June 25). Kiddush sponsorships (for a Simchah or a Yahrzeit) are $100 each. Graduation co-sponsorships are $75 per graduate, which includes listing the graduate and his/her school (and diploma/degree, if supplied). If you are interested in sponsoring, see or call Yoni Platovsky (718-459-2290) or Barry Simanowitz (718-263-1816).

Barry can be reached at for Shul business.

barry simanowitz, president

board of directors

elliot hecht, vice president

yussie englander, treasurer

jay jaffe, secretary

ronnie schlanger, gabbai rishon

yonah levant, gabbai sheini

harvey blitz

mark frankel

david graubard

reuven grossman

david kirschner

david levin, immediate past president

michael salzbank

shari weiss

jennifer jaffe, Women’s League President

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