Friday, September 29, 2006

Bnouncements Ha’azinu

Hakaras Hatov!
On behalf of the membership I would like to express our Hakaras Hatov to some dedicated members for their efforts leading up to and during the Yamim Nora’im.

Yasher Koach to the seating committee chairman Irwin Nathan for handling the seating for the Yamim Nora’im. Yasher Koach to Ellen Cohen for handling the women’s seating. We thank Irwin and Ellen for the many years they have taken this responsibility upon themselves.

Yasher Kochachem to the building committee for their very significant efforts leading up to the Yamim Nora’im. We have enormous Hakaras Hatov to Chairman Danny Goldschmiedt for his daily devotion to, and concern for, the building’s needs. Thanks to Alan Hochster, Leslie Knoeller and Judy Blitz for their significant efforts during the Yamim Nora’im in addition to their year-round involvement in building matters. Very few people know how much time, effort and energy they spend making sure that everything in the shul runs smoothly.

Yasher Koach to Mark Frankel for continually scheduling Shiurim for the benefit of the membership. At this time, we also should acknowledge and express our Hakaras Hatov to Mark for not only having the vision and foresight to start the Gan but also for his continued involvement. Over the last few years the Gan has grown from two to four classes and has become the single most important income source for the shul.

We recognize the inconvenience that may be caused by the classrooms in the women’s section and lobby and will do everything possible to minimize its impact on the membership.

We also salute and thank Sara Simanowitz for her expertise and administration of the Gan. The success of the Gan is clearly a result of her direction and involvement.

Yasher Koach to Yisroel Benedek for serving as Gabbai during the Yamim Nora’im as well as for the preparation of the Z’manim. We express a special Hakaras Hatov for handling this duty after finishing shiva for his mother two days before Rosh Hashanah. Thanks to Isser Rosenberg for serving as Gabbai Sheini during the Yamim Nora’im.

Thanks to all the Ba’lei Tefilla and Ba’alei Kriah for their part in the davening.

Thanks to our Treasurers Elliott Friedman and Moshe Bilitzky for their efforts during the whole year and especially during this busy season.

Yasher Koach to Yechezkel Rosenberg for serving as auctioneer in addition to his service as Magid Shiur. The auction was very successful this year and for that we are grateful to all those who bid so generously.

Last but not least, thanks to Rav and Rebbetzin for teaching us Torah and guiding us during the Yamim Nora’im and throughout the year! We appreciate your concern for us as well as your Ahavas Yisroel.

With so many members volunteering their time it is likely that I forgot to mention someone. Please accept my apologies.

Welcome to our new members:
Elad & Shainy Rosin
Yerachmiel & Hadassah Weiner
Yosef & Sima Bondi
Mendel & Leora Levine
Yitz Finch
Sara Katz

On Shabbos Shuva at 4:00 PM there will be a shiur in the shul for women given by R’ Moshe Schwerd. The topic will be “Can Happiness and Self-Sacrifice Co-Exist”? The shiur is sponsored in memory of Chana Mindel bas R’ Shammai.

If there is enough interest, Ruby Ginsberg has offered to teach the laining for Megilas Esther in the shul between Mincha and Maariv on Shabbos afternoon. Those interested please contact Ruby or Leon. The class would begin Shabbos B’reishis, October 21.

On Sunday morning Rabbi Haber will be giving shiur at 8:45

The Annual Succah Hop is being scheduled. Anyone interested in hosting please contact Lorey Friedman or Shari Weiss.

Candle Lighting 6:22 PM
Minchah 6:25 PM
Daf Yomi 7:25 AM
Shacharis 8:30 AM
Sof Z’man K’rias Sh’mah 9:48 AM
Minchah 5:50 PM
Shabbas Shuvah Drashah 6:10 PM
Maariv 7:30 PM

Have a good Shabbos!

Yom Kippur
Sunday, October 1 – Erev Yom Kippur
Slichos and Shacharis 7:45 AM
Minchah 3:00 PM
Candle Lighting 6:19 PM
Kol Nidrei 6:25 PM
Maariv 7:27 PM

Monday, October 2 – Yom Kippur

Shacharis 8:00 AM
Yizkor not before: 11:00 AM
Minchah 4:35 PM
N’ilah 6:00 PM
T’kias Shofar and Maariv 7:26 PM

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Learn How To Lain Megilas Esther

If there is enough interest, Ruby Ginsberg has offered to teach the laining for Megilas Esther in the shul between Mincha and Maariv on Shabbos afternoon. Those interested please contact Ruby or Leon. The class would begin Shabbos B’reishis, October 21.

Monday, September 25, 2006

A Daily Dose of KindnessMonday, September 25, 2006

A Daily Dose of KindnessMonday, September 25, 2006---------------------------------------
* We flew to Israel on El Al a few weeks ago for the Holidays. My sister and I had been separated. We saw an observant woman sitting alone and we asked if she wouldn't mind trading, and she said, "my pleasure" and moved to my seat, which was a window and she was glad to have the window she said. Someone then asked if she would trade so two friends can sit together. She cheerfully did so, although she gave up a window for another aisle. Then a husband and wife had been separated, and they asked if she would change so they could sit together. Smiling, she did so. The passengers all began to laugh when another couple approached her! She gathered her belongings and moved yet again!!!This woman kept gathering her belongings and moving, always with a smile. Most of us would have been very aggravated, but her calm demeanor made us all feel good.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rabbi Welcher on Tekias Shofar on Shabbos - mp3

Rabbi Welcher's shiur on "Tekias Shofar on Shabbos" can be downloaded here.


The scheduled visit to New York of the Iranian President – a man who
has described the Holocaust as "a myth" and called for Israel to be
wiped off the map," a man who pursues destructive nuclear capacity in
defiance of the entire world community, a man who sponsors terror and
mayhem in the Middle East and beyond – should fill every civilized
heart with revulsion.

And it should fill every Jewish heart with something more.
The arrival of this would-be heir to Hitler should remind all Jews how
little has truly changed since millions of Jews were last targeted for
destruction, r"l. And it should remind us, no less, of the uniquely
vulnerable position of Yisroel bein ho'amim, Jewry among the nations,
and of the fact that ein lonu al mi lehishoein ela al Avinu
She'baShomayim – We can depend on no one but Our Father in Heaven.
Therefore, at this critical time, and during this season of
introspection and repentance, we call upon all Jews to return to our
sacred heritage, with tefillah and renewed allegiance to Torah, our
eternal wellspring of life, the source of our strength to withstand all
our enemies.
Along with our supplications, we feel it is our duty as well to express
to the world our deep anguish over the presence in our midst of a
vicious ruler who threatens genocide against Jews.
A number of Jewish groups are planning to gather outside the United
Nations headquarters, at Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza (2nd Avenue and 47th Street in Manhattan)
to present a collective Jewish expression of outrage at the General
Assembly's hosting of the Iranian leader, of support for Israel's
security and soldiers, and of solidarity in the fight against the
global scourge of terrorism.
Whatever differences may separate us from some of those groups, we
stand united here with all Jews.
Therefore, after consultation with the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah and following the precedent of the previous generation's Gedolim in similar circumstances, we urge all who are able to do so to participate in the planned gathering. We have been assured that a special section will be made available for men and women to gather in separate areas, and we will lift our voices in tefillah to Hashem, secure in the knowledge that
Bechol dor vodor omdim aleinu lechaloseinu veHakodosh Boruch Hu
matzileinu miyodom.

In every generation, there are those who stand against us to annihilate
us, but Hashem saves us from their hand.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Rally Reminder

Just a reminder regarding the major national Israel Solidarity Rally in New York City on Wednesday, September 20th at 12 noon organized by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.
Please note that the gathering point will be in front of the United Nations in the presence of world leaders who will hear our unified message that we stand with Israel, we stand against global terrorism and its state sponsors, and we demand the release of the Israeli hostages Gilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser, and Eldad Regev. We urge you to encourage your membership to attend this rally.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

R' Moshe Schwerd on "How Can We Survive the Year Without the Shofar?

R' Moshe Schwerd on "How Can We Survive the Year Without the Shofar? can be downloaded here.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Funeral & Shiva Notice

We are saddened to report the passing of Malka Benedek, mother of Yisroel Benedek. The funeral will take place on Friday, September 15 and 10:15 AM at Sinai Chapel. The burial will take place at Beth David cemetery in Elmont.
Shiva will be observed at 138-43 77Th Avenue.

Minyan Schedule:

Sunday: 8:00AM
Mon. & Thurs.: 5:55 AM (Selichos followed by Shacharis)
Tues. & Weds.: 6:05 AM (Selichos followed by Shacharis)

Minchah: 6:45 PM

Those who can attend Minyan, please contact Yossi Orbach at

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rabbi Welcher on Tekias Shofar - mp3

Rabbi Welcher's shiur on Tekias Shofar can be downloaded here.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Mazal Tov to Yaakov & Chernie Arfe on the birth of a granddaughter. Mazal Tov to the parents Aviva & Azriel Stern.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

R' Yechezkel Rosenberg on Can an Onein Do Mitzvos - mp3

R' Yechezkel Rosenberg on "Can an Onein Do Mitzvos " can be downloaded here


Mazal Tov to Yossi & Judy Orbach on the engagement of their daughter Sora Li to Yisroel Meir Isaacs.


Mazal tov to David and Chani Shatz on the engagement of their son Gedalyah to Rifky Hiley.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Bnouncements Ki Seitze

Mazal Tov to Ruth Mittel on the birth of a great granddaughter.
Mazal Tov to Harold & Judith Mittel on the birth of a granddaughter.
Mazal Tov to the parents Noach & Michal Light.

Mazal Tov to Yaakov & Atara Serle on the engagement of their daughter Chana Miriam to Dovie Chaitovsky of Monsey. The Serle’s invite the members to a Vort on Monday September 4 at 6PM at their home 147-25 70th Avenue.

This Shabbos afternoon we resume Shalosh Seudos featuring “Ask the Rav”. To sponsor Shalosh seudos please contact Geoffrey Landau.

The clothing shipped by the Women’s League on August 13th, will be arriving in Israel very soon. Thirty five boxes of clothing were sent and the Women’s League would like to thank all those who contributed clothing and helped subsidize the shipment. Kudos to the volunteers, who sorted, sorted, sorted, and packed: Chernie Arfe, Shavie Benedek, Linda Frankel, Chana Goldberger, Penina Katz, Judy Orbach, Sharon & Gila Petrushka, Reeva Esther Robbins, Sarah Sherman, and Chana Wasserman.
Special thanks to Mr. Ahud Maor of Blue Elephant shoes who has been a regular contributor to the clothing drives and contributed 150 pairs of new shoes to this drive. Blue Elephant sells high end children’s shoes and is located at 107-21 71st Road in Forest Hills. Stop in to shop and thank Mr. Maor.
The Women’s League is planning another drive for the end of October. Save those items that can bring a smile to a mother’s face in Eretz Yisroel.

Sunday Morning Learning Program R' Yakov Haber will be giving his weekly shiur at 8:45. R' Yechezkel Rosenberg will be leading the Chavrusa program at 9:30 AM

The Rav will be learning Shaarei Teshuva after Maariv starting on Sunday September 3.

R' Moshe Schwerd will give a shiur on Sunday at 9:30AM at Rabbi Bergman’s shul on “A Review of The Yom Kippur Avodah as presented in the Gemara: Comparing and Contrasting the description in the Machzor”.

Rabbi Akiva Tatz will be speaking at the Young Israel of Queens Valley on Tuesday 9/5 at 8:30 PM on "Faith in a Faithless World".

Announcement from UN Cleaners: In greater appreciation of my Jewish Heritage, and as a merit for the soldiers fighting for their lives in Israel, I have decided that my store should become Shommer Shabbos. My store has always received a great amount of support from the neighborhood and I feel that the time has come for me to show my support to my neighborhood and my dedicated customers. I wish all of my friends, and neighbors in Kew Gardens Hills a Shana Tovah. May we all be written in the Book Of Life for the coming year. Thank you again for your continued support. Sincerely, Ed Roth

Candle Lighting: 7:09
Erev Shabbos Minchah: 7:15
Hashkama Minyan: 7:15
Daf Yomi: 7:25
Shacharis: 8:30
Rav Welcher’s Shiur in Pesachim: 5:55
Shabbos Minchah: 6:55
Shalosh Seudos sponsored by the David Graubard & Hayim Schwartz commemorating Yartzheits
Maariv: 8:17

Have a good Shabbos!

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Mazal Tov to Yaakov & Atara Serle on the engagement of their daughter Chana Miriam to Dovie Chaitovsky of Monsey. The Serle’s invite the members to a Vort on Monday September 4 at 6PM at their home 147-25 70th Avenue.